Scholarship Recipients 2012

The Kathleen A. Smith Memorial Scholarship:

  • Lisa Torres attended Cañada and excelled in math and science. Her major is mechanical engineering.  She has been active in numerous engineering-related organizations and is a certified tutor in math from elementary through Calculus II.

Ethel Gayman Endowment Scholarships:

  • Esther Chan completed her studies at Cañada with an A.A. degree in engineering.  She is originally from Hong Kong and aspires to do research focusing on sustainable energy solutions.  She has been active in MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) and also participated in a summer NASA science intern program.
  • Phillip Cho. His selected major is electrical engineering with an emphasis on energy, storage and transportation.  At Skyline he tutored in math, chemistry and physics at the MESA center.  As well, he was very active in numerous campus organizations.
  • Larissa Espada, from Skyline, is originally from Brazil and came to the U.S. when she was 14.  A government class in high school sparked her interest in political science.  She plans a career in civil rights issues using her skills to fight injustices.
  • Qiang (Sterling) He.   Prior to coming to the U.S. at the age of 16, he was awarded five patents for his inventions from the Chinese government.  He has been active in school clubs at Skyline that promote professionalism.  He plans to major in math and teach at a secondary or post-secondary level.
  • Angine Marouty came to the U.S. from Tehran in 2007.  Before she was able to enroll as a student at CSM, she took ESL classes and worked at a variety of jobs.  Her educational goal is to earn a Master’s Degree in engineering, with a minor in math.
  • Emmeline Wong.  She spent her first 8 years in China and then moved to Peru.  Helping in her mother’s business was her first business experience.  At age 17 she learned English and started her studies at CSM.  She has been very active in student government and intends to focus on international business or global management.