We are happy that you are considering membership in the San Mateo Branch of AAUW. Membership is a very rewarding experience. What a great opportunity to make new friends and be exposed to new ideas in our general meetings and the various interest section meetings. You will also have an opportunity to become more involved in the women’s issues that AAUW supports.

The San Mateo branch has approximately 160 members ranging in age from 35 – 90. Many of our members serve on Boards throughout San Mateo County and we are very pleased to have several elected officials (Past and Present) among our members. AAUW-San Mateo is a thoroughly integral part of life in San Mateo County. Our members are involved in many different activities and organizations and vigorously pursue the goal of life-long learning.

Join us and Nurture Yourself • Educate Yourself • Express Yourself

For more information about joining us, please contact either of the Membership Co-Vice Presidents, Maureen Buchner at 650-573-1604 or Mary Ann McKay at 650-349-1330.

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