Scholarship Recipients 2015

The Kathleen A. Smith Memorial Scholarship:

This year’s recipient, Min Jung Lee (CSM), has a 4.0GPA and five Associate Degrees in: 1.) Biology: Pre Nursing, 2.) Biology: Biotechnology, 3.) Biology: Medical, 4.) Biology, and 5.) Chemistry. She paid for her community college expenses which were high, since she just received her green card this past summer. Her volunteer activities include editor of CSM’s first academic journal, Labyrinth; intern at the San Mateo Medical Center pharmacy, the Asian American Donor program where she led and organized bone marrow drives for leukemia patients, biology tutor, and the CalTeach math and science program at the elementary and middle school levels. She plans to be a full time student at a university in the fall, with the goal of becoming a pharmacist.

The Ethel Gayman Endowment Scholarships:

Vanessa Aragon (SKY) was self-supporting at 17 yrs. of age. At the age of 28 she entered Skyline. She has been on the Dean’s list four consecutive semesters, while taking UC transferable courses. She is an ASSC Senator, Enactus club secretary and an honor society member. Her goals include a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling.

Jessica Baumann (SKY) returned to Skyline College in 2012. Courses in counseling and psychology helped to understand behavioral patterns and negative scripts. She completed the honors transfer program and was on the Dean’s list six times. Her goal is to earn a degree in psychology, and continue her education to positively influence children and families.

 Camille Cosca (CSM) was on the Dean’s list every semester as a full-time student working 30+ hrs. a wk. Volunteer activities include San Mateo Police Activities League, and girls’ soccer coach (Outstanding New Coach Award, Amer. Youth Soccer Assoc., Jan. 2015). She will pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, after which she will enter a police academy.

Ivonne Fajardo (CSM) immigrated with her mother to escape the war in Columbia. Having to deal with a serious costly illness and financial problems, she has been on the Dean’s list, awarded an internship with NASA and completed several honors projects. She will be majoring in mechanical engineering, with the goal of working in robotics.

Andrea Gabriel (SKY) was Student Speaker at the 2013 Skyline Commencement and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She became a TRiO Student Support Services Mentor, and completed an internship with the San Mateo Probations Dept. to work with at risk juveniles. She plans to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric, a Masters in Counseling and an Ed.D in Ed. Leadership, with the goal of becoming a director of a TriO Program.

Renei Historia (SKY) is a native of the Philippines who immigrated to the U.S. She has been on the Dean’s list every semester, while working 25 hrs. per week to pay for college expenses and assist her family. Renei has 100 hrs. of volunteer service in the ICU at Mills-Peninsula Hospital. She has been accepted by a four year university, and her goal is to earn a degree in Nursing.